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Harleys are so easy to steer that even a child can do it

Harleys are so easy to steer that even a child can do it.
Harleys are so easy to steer that even a child can do it.

The Internet is in a tizzy over a recent video that shows a six-year-old child "steering" a Harley-Davidson motorcycle down a country road. It appears that the adult rider was well acquainted with the road and only allowed the child to take the handlebars once they were on a straightaway and, gauging by the hand gestures, it looks like it wasn't the first time this has happened.

Comments on the video range a wide spectrum from amusement to chastising the father for being reckless and include the following:

"My dad was letting me ride his bike like that too, probably this is why I ride till today :) " -- Mike12r1

"I would be so f*cking scared of pot holes or sand etc etc. that being said I'd do this with my son for sure." --Terruhcutta

"Why weren't you my Dad?!" -- iiTzGh0st

One thing is very apparent on the video and that is the sheer delight in the child's eyes at the end of the clip and will hopefully be a fantastic memory for the father and child; the video can be viewed at this link.


Up at the Harley-Davidson Museum on Saturday, a local Sheriff held a Motorcycle Safety Awareness news conference. Sheriff Clarke pointed out that motorcyclists do not have the protection that motorists do with seat belts and airbags. He stressed that it was important for cagers to set down their cell phones and focus on their driving before they killed someone.

Sheriff Clarke also added that it was important for riders to do their part as well by not dodging in and out of traffic and to make sure they have taken all necessary training classes.

Members of the local media, Rolling Thunder, and ABATE were on hand.

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