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Harley introduces electric motorcycle and biker cartwheels from wreck

As reports of Hell freezing over emerge, Harley-Davidson introduces its first electric motorcycle.
As reports of Hell freezing over emerge, Harley-Davidson introduces its first electric motorcycle.
Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Harley-Davidson shook the industry up on Thursday with the announcement of their first electric motorcycle prototype code named #ProjectLiveWire. They will be taking to the road later this summer for a proposed 30-city tour along the legendary Route 66 to get feedback from the riding public.

More information about this bike can be found at this link:
Harley-Davidson introduces its first electric motorcycle


On Friday, a 25-year-old woman near Quebec, Canada found out that she is looking at a possible life sentence for causing the fatal wreck that took the lives of two motorcyclists. A 12-member jury found Emma Czornobaj guilty on all counts for the deaths of Andre Roy, 50, and his daughter Jessie, 16, who were riding his Harley-Davidson. Pauline Volikakis was riding her own bike behind and witnessed the deaths of her husband and daughter. Czornobaj had stopped her car in the left passing lane and, without turning on her hazard lights, left the vehicle with the door ajar to try to catch some ducklings to take home.

The full story can be found at this link:
Woman trying to rescue ducklings now faces life sentence for fatal bike wreck


On Thursday in the Tampa Bay suburb of Clearwater, Fl., a motorcyclist literally cartwheeled himself from a possible fatal wreck. The rider, Michael Smith, was proceeding through an intersection when the signal light turned yellow; in the opposing direction a driver turned directly in front of the rider to try to make the light. The bike plowed into the side of the car and the rider literally flew over the car and cartwheeled away from the wreck landing on his feet. The rider told news sources that his years as a gymnast definitely paid off.

“Wow, that’s crazy, I straight up walked away,” exclaimed Smith when news reporters showed him the video from a traffic camera. “I learned if it is a yellow light, don’t go through it.”

While Smith was advised by friends to get a car instead, he said he opted for another motorcycle and picked up his new ride on Friday.

The driver of the car was given a ticket for improper left turn and for driving with an expired license.

The video of the wreck can be viewed at this link.