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Harley-Davidson motorcycle attacked for having Xbox turned off

Harley-Davidson motorcycle attacked by 19-year-old Alec Young for having Xbox turned off by stepfather.
Harley-Davidson motorcycle attacked by 19-year-old Alec Young for having Xbox turned off by stepfather.
Washington County Sheriff's Office

On Thursday, a 19-year-old man was arrested in St. George, UT. for an array of charges after destroying two television remote controls and doing an estimated $25k worth of damage to a $40k Harley-Davidson. The cause for all this damage was the result of the young man’s Xbox being turned off by his stepfather.

David McDaniel of the St. George police was dispatched on a domestic violence call on Alec Young. The stepfather told law enforcement that he had returned home and found Young playing games when he was asked to turn off the TV while he went out to collect the mail. Upon his return a few moments later, he found Young was still playing Xbox so he opted to turn the game and TV off.

Young did not react well to the game being turned off and began screaming at his stepfather and emphasized his anger by throwing two remotes at him and thereby destroying them. At this time, the stepfather left the home to go to a neighbors to call police and Young followed him out of the house when he then directed his anger toward the innocent 2009 customized Harley-Davidson.

The motorcycle put up no defense as it was repeatedly stabbed with a knife by Young until the handle broke and then began punching the bike as it toppled onto its side. Unfortunately, the damage wasn’t ample enough for Young so he then fired up his 2000 Nissan Maxima and rammed the car into the helpless Harley and pushed it until it was embedded it in the garage wall.

Before police arrived, Young went to a friend’s house where he was arrested. He admitted that he “acted out” and was “enraged”. He admitted that he got into his car when his physical pummeling of the motorcycle didn’t cause enough damage to it. In essence, the young man admitted to police that “he had done everything on purpose”.

Upon being transported to jail, Young volunteered that he had skipped his recent doses of anti-depression and anti-anxiety medications; he suspected that the skipped doses might have attributed to his rash outburst.

According to the report filed by McDaniel, the bike sustained damage everywhere including the following: “…front forks, fender, frame, and gas tank were all bent.” When the police added up the damage to the motorcycle and the two destroyed remotes, the total damages exceeded $25,000.

Young, meanwhile, has been charged with two class B misdemeanors for domestic violence, leaving the scene of an accident, and second-degree felony domestic violence criminal mischief. His bail is currently at $13,110; there’s no word on whether his stepfather will be bailing him out.

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