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Harley burial: Hail to hog rider, inseparable with his Harley, even in death
The body of Bill Standley, secured to his 1967 Harley Davidson, rests inside a plexiglass casket before being lowered into the ground at the cemetery in Mutual, Ohio on Friday.

A Harley burial unlike you’ve ever seen before took place in Ohio this week, as an 82-year-old biker, who died of lung cancer, was entombed inside of a coffin-like case of clear plexiglass, with his Harley, and dressed in full biker regalia.

According to ABC News on Saturday, Billy Standley was interred sitting astride his cherished Harley-Davidson. The custom-made plexiglass coffin fulfilled Billy’s last wish – that his last ride would be on his $30,000 1967 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Cruiser.

Standley was dressed in his biker leather and aviator sunglasses and set atop his bike as he was pulled through Mechanicsburg, Ohio in a funeral procession for the ages. Standley knew well ahead of time that this would be his final wish, purchasing large plots next to his wife, who predeceased him.

The plexiglass casket was handmade by Standley’s sons Pete and Roy. Tammy Vernon, a worker at the funeral home where Standley’s wake was held said, “We’ve done personalization … but nothing this extreme. He was the one who kept throwing this idea out there, to be buried on his bike. We were glad to assist him.”

Friends and family knew their beloved Billy as a “quirky man,” said Billy’s daughter Dorothy. A funeral procession with a man encased in plexiglass atop a motorcycle may have seemed bizarre to some, but not to his sons.

“He’d done right by us all these years, and at least we could see he goes out the way he wanted to,” Pete Standley said. "Me and my brother built the casket five years ago and it's been sitting in his garage waiting for him to die."

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