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Harley Brown runs for Idaho governor on political incorrectness

Idaho’s Republican gubernatorial race is stealing the nation’s political stage at this time. The buzz is all about last week’s debate among the men who are hoping to be the governor of Idaho after the next election. Besides incumbent Gov. Butch Otter, there is Idaho’s State Sen. Russ Fulcher and two candidates who aren’t politicians but are making a name for themselves, according to a Washington Post report on Friday. One is Harley Brown and the other is Walt Bayes.

Idaho gubernatorial candidate Harley Brown

The two politically-unknown candidates have a way with words. Harley Brown is an engineer biker who is described as a man with a white beard and missing teeth. While sporting a black leather vest, hat and gloves, Brown lived up to his Harley Davison-styled name by telling the audience that he has a master’s degree in raising hell. That was reportedly just one of many shocking things he said at the hour-long debate.

Brown, who has posted some utterly offensive jokes on his website, was asked about his politically-incorrect comments and jokes. He admitted that he does make sport of groups of people that other politicians would never talk about negatively. But, he defends himself by saying that he makes fun of the groups he belongs of too by talking about bikers and Irishmen. Bringing religion into his speak, he also revealed during the debate that a bishop from Africa verified that God told him that he was going to make him a president.

The other politically unknown candidate, Walt Bayes, wasn’t religion-shy either. According to Fox News, Bayes is free and easy with dropping Bible passages and quotes in his speak. The two new political candidates are reminiscent of Jimmy McMillan who ran for governor of New York four years ago on the platform asserting that the rent is just too damn high.

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