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Harlem Shake Launches Monthly Seasonal Combo Meals – with Wine!

Harlem Shake restaurant in Harlem
Harlem Shake restaurant in Harlem
Harlem Shake

The holidays might be over, but the celebration has not ended. Harlem Shake wants customers to know how much they appreciate them and what better way to toast the New Year than with an upgraded, grown-up “Happy Meal” – wine included – from Harlem Shake. This promotion is a creative take on the classic burger and milkshake joint that opened last summer.

These monthly, seasonal “Happy Meals” will thoughtfully pair signature items with all-natural, high-quality ingredients like the Harlem Burger, Jerk Fries, Sonoran Dog and Kale & Chickpea Salad with stand-out choices from the new wine list, from a Malbec to a Grenache Blanc – much more exciting than a combo meal toy!

The typical fast-food combo meal arrives in wilted cardboard containers and often accompanied by a cheap plastic toy – but at Harlem Shake, a neighborhood burger and milkshake joint that opened this summer in Harlem, the “Happy Meal” is getting a much-needed upgrade. Flimsy burgers are replaced with hearty Patty Melts, greasy fries are now tasty Sweet Yam Fries, and in place of the near-broken toy is a thoughtfully-paired glass of wine from Harlem Shake’s new, inspired wine list.

Introduced this summer, Harlem Shake’s wine list is designed to meet everyone’s needs with “Cheap,” “Good,” “Bourgie” and “Sparkly” categories showcasing everything from the classic whites and reds like Pinot Grigio and Merlot to the more adventurous Grenache Blanc and Lambrusco. But don’t worry if you aren’t sure what goes well with Jerk Fries, let the Harlem Shake team do the pairing, and help yourself to a seasonal “Happy Meal.”

Whether it’s a lighter resolution-friendly meal in January or a comforting indulgence to offset the winter chill, Harlem Shake’s monthly, seasonal combos bring new meaning to the term “Happy Meal.”

The deals begin January 1, 2014 and are available daily. Harlem Shake is located at 100 W. 124th Street at Lenox Avenue in New York, NY 10027. The website is: Also, keep in touch with the latest news on the social sites Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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