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Harlem sees a big real estate boost

Harlem’s Frederick Douglass Boulevard
Harlem’s Frederick Douglass Boulevard

Over the recent years, Harlem has quietly become one of Manhattan's hottest neighborhoods.

Rent prices for Harlem apartments have gone up over the last year as home hunters found an abundance of inventory going for relatively reasonable rates, especially during the economic crisis when good values were hard to come by.

A report by the real estate group MNS found that average rent prices in Harlem went up 9.4 percent from $2,191 last year to $2,397 in January, the biggest increase in Manhattan. In 2002, the average rent was $1,200, according to the nonprofit Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development.

Harlem’s popularity is furthered by an influx of new stores and restaurants as well as its uniqueness, community spirit and long history. New additions to the area in the past few months include The Park 112, '50s themed restaurant Harlem Shake and brasserie The Cecil.

Among my favorite areas in Harlem is Frederick Douglass Boulevard, between 110th and 125th. To learn more about this area, read this New York Times article.