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Harford County Public Schools launches Partnership Network website

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Harford County Public Schools (HCPS) recently launched a Partnership Network website in an effort to maximize opportunities for relationships between HCPS and local businesses and community agencies. The site is designed to streamline the process of identifying mutually beneficial matches, establishing official partnerships and addressing any questions about organizational matters.

“Schools in Harford County have a strong history of support from area businesses and civic and non-profit organizations,” said Mary Beth Stapleton, coordinator of grants, business and community partnerships. “The Partnership Network will build on this great foundation by providing a ‘one stop shop’ website that connects potential volunteers and donors with the needs of teachers and administrators, ensuring all of our children and youth are successful in school.”

By naming official school system partners, many benefits to HCPS students and schools are realized, including:

  • A greater understanding and appreciation of the community and business experience;
  • A demonstrated connection between the relevancy of academics and responsibilities of work outside the classroom;
  • An increase in resources and services to educators and staff to enhance our educational programs.

These relationships are also valuable to outside partners, who become part of creating a stronger workforce for the future by offering a better understanding of the global economy, providing meaningful experiences for students and developing positive community relations.

Business, civic and non-profit organizations are invited to partner with HCPS in three ways: human resources, by way of donating time to a school or program; in-kind donations, by way of goods or services; or financial resources, by way of a donation to a school or the district.

"It is important to our station to assist the Harford County Public Schools and the future leaders of our community in any way that we can. The Partnership Network website is a wonderful way to create a positive relationship between local businesses and area schools," Tracy Hart, General Manager of 970 WAMD, explained.

Visit the HCPS Partnership Network website at to learn more about partnering with the school system, to become a new partner or to log in as an existing partner.



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