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Hardened shell

Tread Carefully
Tread Carefully
Connie Sorensen

Has life felt like an ice storm to you? Your body temperature starts to freeze as the cold darts that you have encountered have penetrated your being, making further piercing from your surrounding circumstances a bit more difficult to cause you additional pain. 

Have things become so frigid that your heart and soul have been buried underneath a hardened, brittle shell? Seemingly and without effort, have you felt that just one more blow might break the barrier wall in which you have mentally prepared.

It is a natural instinct to try to put a shield of protection between yourself and the world, when you have been deeply hurt. However, it is not healthy to carry previous hardships into your future indefinitely. It is not good to keep other people out and you will only continue to build on the existing damage should you determine that is the path you choose to take. God wants us to have other people in our lives who care about us and to whom we as well feel a mutual consideration.

We should not live a careless existence. Throughout the Bible we learn that "love" is the greatest gift of all. There is an alternative route that you can take. Remember, there is another coat of protection which can be worn. This is the armor described in Ephesians 6:13-18 NIV.

We are directed to begin each day by not only clothing our bodies with traditional material clothing, but by putting on the whole armor of God. We are to wrap the belt of truth around our waist and to assure that the breastplate of righteousness is in place. Our feet are to be fitted with readiness derived from His peace. We are to hold the shield of faith for our protection and place the helmet of salvation on our head. We are to take His Word and use it as our spiritual sword. We are instructed to be alert and continuously be in prayer. Remember, Christ goes ahead of us and fights our battles for us.


  • shelly 5 years ago

    Great article. It makes me stop and remember in this busy world that God Is always there leading the way. Making our path in life for us to follow.

  • Carol Harris 5 years ago

    Connie, I'm unable to find the article you spoke about. Any suggestions as to where to find it?

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