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Hardcore pioneers invade music city

D.R.I. show flyer
Crimson Cartel and D.R.I.

If you're looking for speed this Sunday in Nashville, look no further than The Rutledge in downtown. There you will have the pleasure of witnessing one of the pioneers of thrash metal/punk. For one night only D.R.I. (or Dirty Rotten Imbeciles) invade music city. The band along with Suicidal Tendencies and Corrosion of Conformity are credited with being the first bands to infuse hardcore punk with thrash metal.

D.R.I. has been around since the early 80's, their "Skanker Man" logo is one of the most popular logos in music history. Formed in Houston, TX by vocalist Kurt Brecht and guitarist Spike Cassidy the band has been through more lineup changes than some professional sport teams. Along with the founding members the new lineup includes drummer Rob Rampy and bassist Harald Oimoen. The press has called D.R.I. the major band of the "crossover" movement, a style that combined hardcore punk and heavy metal. This music invited a mixed audience of punks, skinheads, and metal fans to their shows.

Though the new sound is more metal driven the band still has the distinction of fitting 22 tracks in 18 minutes on their first EP. The Dirty Rotten EP is a very rare item amongst record collectors as the 7" only pressed 1000 copies. Many have heard the Dirty Rotten LP which was released back in 1983 and started the cult following that has crossed generations. If your Dad was a skater back in the 80's chances are he was into D.R.I. and if your Son is into metal chances are he is into D.R.I. thus securing the band into music history. Without any mainstream success and no album since 1995 the band has continued to keep and build their fan base through touring and legendary tales. Having been able to see the band play at the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles back in 1986, one memory remains, the band ripped. Songs like "I Don't Need Society","Mad Man" and "Explorer" set the tone for the night. Since, anthems like "Thrashard" and "Acid Rain" have kept the new generation in the pit. Some bands mellow in their old age, but certainly not the D.R.I. gentlemen.

If you're afraid of the pit this show is not for you. If you'd rather sit back and tap your toes, you will be in the wrong place. However, if you want to relive your glory punk days or just let out some childhood agnst and tear down the wall, this is a show you cannot miss. Iraconji & Scent of Remains fill out the rest of this Crimson Cartel show. Tickets are $15 presale and $20 at the door.

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