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‘Hardcore Pawn’ wonders ‘Who needs security?’ on Tru-TV

Ashley Broad of Hardcore Pawn

Last night's episode of "Hardcore Pawn," at Detroit's famous American Jewelry and Loan, the pawn shop that is never without some sort of conflict, irate people and sibling rivalry.

As the episode begins, the shop is just opening as the security guys, Byron and Hook are in a fun mood, acting like kids, but not taking their job seriously.

A man comes in with a very expensive Audemars Piguet watch. Les tells him to come back in an hour after they thoroughly check it out. Les had been burned before by counterfeit watches and will not even consider giving the man $36,000 for it, unless it is the real thing. He brings it back to Harold to check it out and writes down the serial number to check on the internet. It checks out as real, but when it was repaired and upgraded, it was repaired with genuine parts, but not precisely the ones indigenous to that watch, which made it a mutt. Les will gladly give the man a loan for $12,000 against the watch, but does not want to purchase it. The man needed more money, but Les could not give him $25,000 on a loan. Sorry, no deal!

A man comes in with a 1972 Cadillac Eldorado with low mileage, but the car smells musty and for $23,000, there is no deal today.

When the security guys prank a customer, they are sent home for the day, leaving the shop without the security they depend on.

A man named Ken comes in with a pair of WWII binoculars signed by Leo Spitz. Originally, he wanted $5,500, but with no authenticity, and a small fact that Leo Spitz’ name was changed when he was two years old to the original Hungarian spelling of Leo Szilard, it is difficult to prove they are the actual binoculars owned by him. When Les asked the man how much he paid for them, it was $200, and Les doubled his money and gave him $400.

Without security on the premises, Ashley was not happy. When a couple of guys acting like thugs came in to make a deal their way or no way; Les took the bull by the horns, and escorted them out of the door, as Byron has done on many occasions. Ashley was not happy and considered him lucky in that instance.

A man comes in with something that Seth just loves; a University of Michigan signed Tom Brady jersey #10. The jersey is matted and framed, and Seth’s eyes light up as this is his alma mater too. The authentication is there, and it is complete. He wants to sell it for $1,000. Seth wants to know where he came up with that amount, and he tells him that online, Tom Brady jerseys are selling high. Seth believes that the Patriots jerseys may be, but not Michigan. Finally, the deal is settled at $350.

Two guys came in with three power tools that they purchased that morning. They wanted a refund because they do not work. Ashley plugged one and it worked, then Les plugged another, and it worked, but the battery was missing from the third one, they claim it was left on the jobsite. This time they had the receipt; that clearly states no cash refunds. When they demanded their money back, and started getting very loud, everything in the shop halted as the screaming persisted. Suddenly, Hook and Byron showed up to escort the two out of the shop. As Les and Seth wondered where they came from. Ashley made a call and asked them to return; good timing Ashley, on this episode of "Hardcore Pawn."

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