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‘Hardcore Pawn’ stages a ‘Cousin Competition’ on Tru-TV

Ashley is still Les' favorite daughter on Hardcore Pawn
"Photo courtesy of Tru-TV, used with permission”

Tonight's episode of "Hardcore Pawn," at Detroit's famous landmark, American Jewelry and Loan, the pawn shop never without some sort of conflict, irate people, sibling rivalry and family drama is titled “Cousin Competition.”

As the episode begins, two women come in with Beanie Babies, which are now worth no more than about $5. As Ashley and her cousin Karen talked with the women, Ashley was rude to her cousin, who means well. Ashley made a big stink about her father purchasing stainless steel jewelry, and refusing to sell it; so he brought in Karen to do the job. Ashley is definitely jealous and does not want to give Karen any help on the selling floor.

A couple of guys come in and demand their money back for an industrial floor waxer that Seth supposedly sold them two days ago. He does not remember them, and they have no receipt. Seth asked if he tested it before selling it, and he said no. Seth said he always tests machinery before selling it. Then the guy has the audacity to tell Seth that he owes for three guys on the jobsite and for gas to bring the machine back. What a scam, and then as they are getting escorted out of the store, they tell him they will send him a bill.

Les comes to Karen to tell her they are moving the gold items out and replacing the cases with the stainless steel items. When Ashley overhears his plan, she storms over to the area. When Les tells her that the gold is not moving, he wants Ashley to give Karen help, and to let her people also help her. Then Les goes over to tell Ashley to get along with the other kids in the sandbox.

As Les and Karen are at the counter, a man comes in with a large signed Peter Max serigraph that has been sitting in his closet since 1998. As Karen adds her two-cents to the negotiation, Ashley and Seth are watching from across the aisle. Seth tells Ashley that Les is teaching Karen the business and Ashley wants to know if he is teaching her to take over? Seth tells Ashley to get over it, because they are not in competition.

An older woman comes in and throws her purse on the counter in front of Les as she demands her money back for a purse she gave him $500 for. No receipt, of course, but she then lights a cigarette and blows smoke in his face. When Byron tries to remove the cigarette, or put it out, she starts getting abusive to him too. As she is escorted out, she advises them that she will sue their asses.

Ashley and Seth are at the counter when a woman with pink hair, and her friends have a large box; they want to show them. When they pull the top off, it is a bust of Les. The woman appreciated him for helping her out with gold she sold him when she was very ill, and she wanted to do something in his honor. So she created this bust, that is a perfect likeness. She wants $1,500 for it, and Ashley starts at $400, but reaches $1,000 against Seth’s objection. Ashley feels that it will be the perfect way to make peace with her dad.

A woman with a feathered hat has a 1973 Volkswagen camper bus in bright neon green and white. The outside is sharp, but the inside is very worn out. Bobby J loves it, but Seth is not so sure. It is over 40 years old, and Bobby J pictures he and Seth on a camping trip with it. She wants $8,500, but Seth only offers her $1,200 and goes up to $4,000. However, no deal today.

Ashley brings the bust in with a cover on it to present to her father. He certainly was flattered, but when he heard the price, was shocked. He then told Ashley that he knew she is fearful of Karen’s arrival, but she is still his only daughter, and she has nothing to worry about. So go outside and help her out and not be jealous on this episode of "Hardcore Pawn."

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