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‘Hardcore Pawn’ shouts ‘Along Came a Spider’ on Tru-TV

Don't mess with Seth on Hardcore Pawn
Don't mess with Seth on Hardcore Pawn
"Photo courtesy of Tru-TV, used with permission”

Last night's episode of "Hardcore Pawn," was titled “Along Came a Spider.” Detroit's famous American Jewelry and Loan is the pawn shop never without some sort of conflict, angry people and ongoing sibling and family rivalry.

As the episode begins, Seth is locked out of his office, and calls for one of the guys to get the door open. He is not happy to start the day this way.

When a large Army vehicle called a deuce and a half comes into the parking lot. The owner purchased it from a government auction a few years ago, and now wants to sell it. The guy wants $9,500, and it is in bare bones condition with lots of rust. Les tops his offer at $1,500, but knows the repairs would be astronomical.

As Les, Karen and Seth are gathered around, as Dan drills out the door of Seth’s office, Ashley arrives late and has Seth’s keys. She gives them to him, and he tells her, “Game on!” She knows he is going to prank her until Les puts a stop to it, but she has warned him several times to lock his door because there are valuables in there, and he ignored her suggestions.

A woman comes to the counter to see Ashley and Karen. She wants a watch for $100. She tries on one that she likes and hands Ashley a card, which she believes is a $100 gift card. The card is a discount card, but has no value unless a purchase is made. She is insistent that it is worth $100, and tells Ashley to swipe it; however, there is no barcode swipe on this card, and she insists that Ashley swipe it then called the pair the ugliest sisters she ever saw in her life. Bryon took her for a walk out the door.

A man and woman come to see Seth and Karen with two red containers on a cart. When he opens a box inside of one, a giant remote control tarantula starts walking, as Karen freaks out. The man has twenty of them and Seth smells revenge. Because Seth will not meet his price, he agrees to sell him two for $15. Seth has a plan and wants Karen to help him pull it off.

A man comes in with a Jerry Mahoney dummy from the early 1950s and sees Ashley and Bobby J. The man wants $279, because he has had it or over sixty years. They check the internet and see several that are going for about $100, Ashley offers him $85, and he decides to keep it.

Seth summons Ashley to the office, and Karen is already in there. Karen is proposing new display cases to Seth and asks Ashley to look in the box at the pictures of the cases, too bad the spider is in there, as Ashley jumps out of her seat. As they all get a good laugh out of it, Seth decides to scare his father with it and get his $15 worth out of them.

A man with a snow blower comes to see Les, he tells him that he bought it two days ago from Les. Les was off two days ago; the snow blower supposedly does not work, and he has no receipt (of course). As he starts to get belligerent, Byron takes him for a walk out the door where he abandons the useless piece of machinery and leaves.

A guy and a girl come in with a prison toilet that was in their basement when they bought their house. They settle for $120 and are happy to get it.

As Les is busy talking with customers, Ashley calls him into Seth’s office, where they use the same scenario to lure him to open the box. Les laughs and goes back out to help the customers. He is not happy being the butt of a joke, butt of a joke, but is very happy to see the three getting along like a family should on this episode of "Hardcore Pawn."

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