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‘Hardcore Pawn’ finds ‘Gold Versus Gold’ on Tru-TV

Les Gold of Hardcore Pawn
Les Gold of Hardcore Pawn
"Photo courtesy of Tru-TV, used with permission”

Tonight's episode of "Hardcore Pawn," at Detroit's famous landmark, American Jewelry and Loan, the pawn shop never without some sort of conflict, irate people, sibling rivalry and family drama is titled “Gold Versus Gold.”

As the episode begins, a man comes into the shop with an old metal guitar, and Les is still schooling Karen in getting to know the ins and outs of the shop.

In the office, Les is packing up the gold they are unable to sell, to get it to their guys in Los Angeles to melt it down and give them the purity content and value. Seth believes he can do it much easier and much closer to home.

Ashley has a man at her counter who wants to propose to his girl. He has a store credit, but it is over a year-old, and Ashley tells him that a store credit is only good for six months. When he starts getting loud, Byron comes to the counter. The man expects a fight and takes his teeth out and puts them in his pocket. Ashley had enough, and allowed Byron to escort him out of the store.

Les had Jeff; their jeweler in the shop melt down the gold into two equal bars; Seth will send his to his guy, and Les will send his to his guy. They will compare notes when they receive the reports back.

As Seth is walking outside the shop, a yellow car pulls up. It is a 1981 Bradley Type 2 GT Electric. He wants $50,000, and after Seth checked it out on the web, he could only give him $5,000. No deal today.

When the gold was melted, Seth got his half, and Les gave his half to his guy to take to Los Angeles. Seth said if he had not modernized the building, they would still be heating it with coal.

When a man named Bobby Bear came in with an ancient lawnmower, he wanted $300 and told Les it was only a year-old. When Les offered him a dollar for it, he continued to state that he got his name from wrestling bears. Byron was the next bear he got to wrestle, but this time the bear won, and out the door he went, as Les was pushing his lawnmower out behind him.

The next man came to the counter claiming to be a strongman. He proceeded to twist a crescent wrench into a pen holder, and then twisted a horseshoe into a heart, as both Les and Ashley were astounded, and he made a few bucks for his creations.

When the results of the gold came back, Seth lost the bet when his gold was returned with 1.5% less than his dad’s. Les told him that he was not going to give him a lecture, because when he brought him into the shop, he reminded him it was a learning experience on this episode of "Hardcore Pawn."

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