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‘Hardcore Pawn’ experiences ‘Shakedown’ on Tru-TV

Don't mess with Les on Hardcore Pawn
Don't mess with Les on Hardcore Pawn
"Photo courtesy of Tru-TV, used with permission”

Last night's episode of "Hardcore Pawn," was titled “Shakedown.” Detroit's famous American Jewelry and Loan is the pawn shop never without some sort of conflict, angry people and ongoing sibling and family rivalry.

As the episode begins, a man comes in with light sabers from Star Wars, he wanted too much for them, but after much haggling, Seth got the Darth Vader one for $50.

When a shady guy comes into the shop to shakedown Les, he is determined to get his towing business and will not take no for an answer. When he is escorted out of the door, he promises that he will come back.

A couple come to see Ashley to pawn her ring that is stuck on her finger. Ashley gives her lotion to try to loosen it, but it still does not come off. She then tells Ashley she is going to sue her because of the lotion, and because she claims that Ashley tried to pull the ring off. The two received the escort out of the door.

A woman with pink hair and a colorful neon shirt comes to see Les. She wants to sell her flute for $100, but Les would not give her more than $20 because it was just a student model. Sorry, no deal today.

A young fellow has a watch he wants to sell for $200, but it is not worth more than $20 to her, so another deal falls through.

As Seth is monitoring the security cameras and sees the slick guy trying to tow a car in the parking lot. Seth makes a phone call and he and Les go out to the parking lot to find out why the guy is attempting to tow the car. He then changes his attitude and tries to score a deal with Les. However, as he is leaving, he spots his tow truck being towed by the guys who work for Les and demand $1,000 from the shakedown guy before they unhook his tow truck, showing him what goes around; comes around on this episode of "Hardcore Pawn."

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