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‘Hardcore Pawn’ experiences ‘Growing Pains’ on Tru-TV

Tonight's episode of "Hardcore Pawn," at Detroit's famous American Jewelry and Loan, the pawn shop that is never without conflict, crazies and sibling rivalry was titled, “Growing Pains.”

Seth, Les and Ashley, the Hardcore Pawn family

As the episode begins, Les is talking to someone on the phone and tells them he is interested in a lot of merchandise. A man comes to the window who wants to borrow his keyboard that he pawned and wants it for just an hour. Once he does the gig, he will bring it back. The answer is no. Les even tries to get him to pawn his ring, but he will not part with it. Byron gave him an escort out the door.

Les tells Seth and Ashley that he just got off the phone with someone who has a 300,000 square foot warehouse with unclaimed assets. Les feels that with the price of gold dropping, they must get away from mainly jewelry and focus on other items. The warehouse holds brand new merchandise or all denominations.

A man comes to the shop to see Seth. He drove up on a hybrid motorized bar stool. Seth had fun riding it around the parking lot, and the guy wanted $1,200, Seth went as high as $475, and after thinking it over, he sold it.

Les wanted electronic equipment like televisions and DVRs and stuff like that. The man told him he got offers to buy lots every day. Les and he made a deal.

When two women come in with a ring to sell, but it was not real in any way. The stone was fake, and the metal was not gold. They claimed they bought it there, but they had no receipt. Then they told Ashley they wanted something from there and were going to take it. So they took Byron, at least as far as the parking lot. Bring back the receipt ladies and then make a deal.

When Les returned, he told his kids that he bought semi-loads of televisions and other items. When they stated that they had no room; Les told them he would let them know his plan soon.

Two guys with a motorized bull in an inflatable pen came to sell it; Bobby J got to try it. They wanted $15,000 for the bull pen. They told Ashley that a new one would cost from fifteen to twenty thousand. They also told her that entertainment companies rent them out for $750 a day and there is lots of earning potential. The absolute rock bottom they would take was $5,000. Ashley went as high as $3,400, but no sale.

Two large women came to see Seth. One wanted a mink coat and claimed she wore a small. When he gave her a medium that was too tight, she claimed that it was extra small. Finally, Byron gave them an extra-large escort out the door.

When Les returned he walked his children outside to point to a large abandoned building across the road where they could have tons of storage space on this episode of "Hardcore Pawn."

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