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‘Hardcore Pawn’ experiences a huge ‘Busted Deal’ on Tru-TV

The king of deals, Les Gold of Hardcore Pawn
The king of deals, Les Gold of Hardcore Pawn

Last night's episode of "Hardcore Pawn," at Detroit's famous American Jewelry and Loan, the pawn shop that is never without some sort of conflict, angry people and ongoing sibling rivalry.

As the episode begins, Seth is outside watching a man spin around in a circular motion on a machine called an Orbitron. The machine is used for training astronauts to acclimate them to the feeling they will have in space. Seth wants to try it out as Ashley and Bobby J watch. Then it is Ashley’s turn, and she gets some jet propulsion from Seth and Byron as she spins at a dizzying pace. When Seth asks what he wants for it, the number is $5,000, as they negotiate, Seth and Ashley offer $1,500, but his bottom line is $3,000. No deal.

Les calls the kids into the warehouse to tell them he purchased a truckload of television sets and other items. The kids are appalled at what he did. Luckily, the televisions are not there yet.

When a woman comes to the window after one of the salesclerks swiped her card three times, and it was declined each time. After giving Ashley a hard time, she finally leaves, but has a giant gesture for them all.

A guy comes to see Les with a 1947 signed Detroit Tigers biography book with authentication. As Les haggled with him, they flipped a coin and Les got it for $560.

When Seth checked with Bobby J, there was a warehouse full of televisions already there, and more on the way from Les’ deal. Ashley got on the phone and canceled the order. Although Les gave Lon his word, Ashley explained that they had no room for the merchandise, and she never discussed it with her dad.

A man with a beautiful plastic pedal car brought it in the shop. It was painted a rich copper color and looked like brand new, a 1959 Chevrolet promotional car used by dealers back in 1959. Les explains that if it was metal, it would be a big hit, but it is not the original color; it is plastic, and he wants $1,500, but Les will only pay $650. No deal.

Les comes in the warehouse and asks Scott if the television sets have arrived. He replied in the negative, so Les makes a call to Lon. When Les heard that Ashley canceled the order, he flipped. Then he called her into his office and asked her why she nixed his deal? She put her foot down that the warehouse has enough crap. He then told her that Lon gave him a better deal on stainless steel jewelry. So she told him that he had better sell the jewelry, because she is not, on this episode of "Hardcore Pawn."

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