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‘Hardcore Pawn’ discovers ‘Seth’s Soft Side’ on Tru-TV

Tonight's episode of "Hardcore Pawn," at Detroit's famous American Jewelry and Loan, the pawn shop that is never without some sort of conflict, irate people and sibling rivalry was titled, “Seth’s Soft Side.”

Seth shows his soft side on Hardcore Pawn

As the episode begins, a man and woman bring in two vintage electric guitars that belonged to the woman’s uncle. She is distraught over selling the guitars, and take the $1,800 Seth offers.

When a man comes in to buy a watch, Ashley shows him one that is $75, but he wants one that is worth at least $500. She shows him one for $599, and he attempts to pay for it with a two-dollar bill; he believes is worth more than the item is worth. She gives him the sad news, but he wants nothing of it and starts calling her names. Byron brought him to the door in his usual fashion.

When Seth showed Les the guitars, he got for $1,800, Les was very surprised he only paid $1,800 for them. Upon further investigation, Seth does not believe he gave the owners enough money for the guitars.

When a man with baseball memorabilia from retired MLB catcher Lance Parrish comes into the shop, he sees Les and Seth. He told them he was born in Detroit and moved to Milwaukee and became very good friends with Lance while he played ball. He also told Les that he has been told he looks just like him. They call Joe out; he is their baseball expert, and he determines that they are nowhere near what the guy wants for them. However, the sentimental value is more valuable to him, and he decided to keep his treasures.

When a man comes in with his father’s gold tooth, but all it was worth was $46, he took it anyway, because it was his inheritance. Fortunately, his father is still alive, and has the rest of his teeth.

When a woman comes in and retrieves her fur coat, she is adamant that the coat now smells like road kill. Les gave her the money back and when her nasal passages clear, she can come back and get her coat.

A woman comes in with an antique exercise bike; Bobby J gets to try it out, and the thing goes very fast. She also has a small merry-go-round, and accepts Ashley’s offer of $250 for both.

Seth called the couple who came in with the guitars and told them he did not give them enough for them. He knew they were going through hard times, and as he counted out $1,000, he handed it to them as the woman was crying all the way out the door. Both Les and Ashley were proud of Seth on this episode of "Hardcore Pawn."

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