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‘Hardcore Pawn’ discovers ‘Drama Online: Part 2’ on Tru-TV

Tonight's episode of "Hardcore Pawn," at Detroit's famous American Jewelry and Loan, the pawn shop that is never without some sort of conflict, irate people and sibling rivalry was titled, “Drama Online: Part 2.”

Ashley Broad of Hardcore Pawn

As the episode begins, the shop is opening and Seth walks in as Ashley is on the phone tracking the Olympic torch package. She expects to receive a call by 6 p.m. Seth tells her that if she does not solve this problem, they will speak to their father.

When a man comes in to see Les, he is wearing what he calls a rosary that is a family heirloom. It is made of crystal, and not a precious metal or gem. When he starts getting loud and demanding that Les made a deal, Byron walked him out of the door. No deal!

A man comes to see Seth with a racing hovercraft that he built himself. This resembles the boats seen in the Everglades, but this will run on land, water, snow and whatever. It is even legal to drive in the Great Lakes. So they take it to a field across the way, and Seth tries it out. Bobby J likes it too, and the man wants $12,000 for it, but will take $7,000. Set really likes it, but he knows it is not something he can sell in the shop. No deal!

A guy comes to the window and wants to get his ring out of hock. He has no ticket, but Ashley looks him up by name to find his ring was put back for sale because no timely payment was made. She has him look at the showcase, but after a quick glance, he does not see his ring. Then he calls her a bitch, and she tells him, if the ring was so important, he would have made his payment on it. He again called her a bitch, as he gets a free escort out the door.

A dapper man comes to see Les, and introduces himself as Muhammad Ali Jr. and is carrying boxing memorabilia from his father. Les got the collection for $500, and seemed star struck.

A woman came in with a collection of Lenox carousel horses. They were her daughters, and although she did not want to take less than $300, she settled for $215 from Ashley.

Amanda summoned Ashley into the office, for a call from the shipping company. He regretted to inform her that his company policy is not to ship hazardous materials, and the torch was destroyed. So Ashley went in to tell Seth, who then proceeded to see their dad and blamed her for destroying American history. When Seth pled his case to Les, he fired both from the online department and will subsequently run it himself. Les truly knows that nobody does a better job than him on this episode of "Hardcore Pawn."

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