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‘Hardcore Pawn’ discovers ‘Drama Online: Part 1’ on Tru-TV

Tonight's episode of "Hardcore Pawn," at Detroit's famous American Jewelry and Loan, the pawn shop that is never without some sort of conflict, irate people and sibling rivalry was titled, “Drama Online: Part 1.”

Seth Gold from Hardcore Pawn

As the episode begins, Seth explains how their online sales are a huge part of the business. He goes into his father’s office; Ashley is there too, and explains that he needs help from someone with managerial authority to sell things on the website. He suggests Ashley because he is not hiring another person and was disappointed at having his sister work on this project with him.

When a woman came in with University of Michigan stuffed bears that are the size of humans. They are dressed in marching band uniforms and as an alumnus of Michigan, Seth is happy to have them for $300.

Seth introduces Ashley to his online crew, who do not seem that happy to have her on their team.

A woman and her teenage son come into the shop and see Les. She has a ring she wants to pawn and needs $3,000. Les looks at it and can only give her $1,000. She begins to berate him and call him names. When Byron comes over to quell the situation, She gets louder and mentions his size, so Ashley comes over and tells her that she is her size. Now the woman wants to fight, but her son picks her up and takes her out of the shop as she is still kicking and yelling. Byron is glad to see the son do a good job, and wants to recruit him for his security team.

Ashley comes into Les’ office and takes a painting. Les asks what she is doing with it, and she replies that Seth wants her to put it online to sell. Ashley now knows that anything that sits around is going to be sold. She found an Olympic torch in Seth’s office and gave it to Amanda to sell for $1,200, and it sold immediately.

When a man drives in the parking lot with a mini-tugboat, he wanted $4,500. Les offers $1,500 and not a penny more, so no deal today.

A man and woman came in with what Les though were baseball bats, but they were walrus penises and the man was holding a very large item that turned out to be an elephant ear. Les checked online and they were not selling, and he could not give them what they wanted, so no deal here either.

A man came in with a hope chest for a Goth bride to be. It has skeletons on the outside and pieces of bones. Between Ashley and Les, they helped out this guy, who was not a skilled negotiator, and she paid $250 for the box.

A man came in wanting a PlayStation for $70, but after getting very loud, he could not produce the $70, and instead got a free escort out the door by Byron.

Seth went to the online sales team and found out that the Olympic torch may be lost in transit. He told Amanda to contact the shipping company and have them return it and he would deal with Ashley. Then he called her in his office and reprimanded her for selling it. If the torch is lost, they will have a $1,200 loss on their hands, and he told her she had better get the torch back; or else on this episode of "Hardcore Pawn."

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