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‘Hardcore Pawn’ discovers an ‘Inside Job’ on Tru-TV

Don't steal from Les on Hardcore Pawn
Don't steal from Les on Hardcore Pawn
"Photo courtesy of Tru-TV, used with permission”

Last night's episode of "Hardcore Pawn," was titled “Inside Job.” Detroit's famous American Jewelry and Loan is the pawn shop that is never without some sort of conflict, angry people and ongoing sibling and family rivalry.

As the episode begins, Ashley and Seth are at the counter when a man with a duffel bag comes in with a severed head and arm that are special effects for a movie.

Two guys come in to see Seth. One wants a friendship ring, that soon becomes an engagement ring. As the man is looking at the $1,500 ring, the other is criticizing him for wanting to spend that much money on his woman. Before the two of them tear each other apart, Byron escorts the heckler out, and the other leaves on his own because he is too confused right now.

Les is looking through the pawned items, and sees that Christina, a pawn window cashier has given a $150 pawn on a Pandora bracelet. Ashley writes down the numbers of more items she has pawned and will be pulling them out to verify if they are real or costume jewelry.

Ashley brought the merchandise to Les’ office that Christina pawned for high amounts. Christina has worked there for seven years. This has been going on for about a year. She continued to extend the tickets until she missed one, and the cat was out of the bag. Before Les brings her into the office, he wants to see all the pawn tickets.

A guy and his son come in with a life-size Big Bird Seth goes up to $125 and then questions his decision.

A man with an odd assortment of Halloween masks and sees Les and Karen. Les steps back and lets Karen do the deal. She gets them for $80, and Les is very happy.

A guy on his cell phone wants to know how much he can get for a fur coat, but refuses to get off his phone and gets loud, so Bryon walks him out of the door.

Les had Christina come into his office and confronts her with all the pawns. He knows there had to be an accomplice, but she stated she did this alone. Les agrees to let her go provided, she give up the other person. When the cops came in, she was put in handcuffs and for once, it was not Byron, who walked her out the door on this episode of "Hardcore Pawn."

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