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‘Hardcore Pawn’ challenges ‘Seth’s Gamble Part 1’ on Tru-TV

Last night's episode of "Hardcore Pawn," at Detroit's famous American Jewelry and Loan, the pawn shop that is never without some sort of conflict, irate people and sibling rivalry was titled, “Seth’s Gamble.”

The Gold Family from Hardcore Pawn

As the episode begins, a woman walks in to speak with Les and takes her wig off. She claims to have paid $1,000 for it and will gladly take $800 for it. Les advises her that the health department will not let them sell used hair. She tries to convince Les that it is clean and can easily be washed, but after a while, he has Byron escort her to the “salon department” outside.

As internet man Joe is checking baseball memorabilia, he finds a hard-to-pass-by sale of several items a seller has listed, including pieces of Babe Ruth’s jersey, and signatures of Michael Jordan and many sports greats. The bidding ends in five minutes, and Seth gives him the green light to bid now at $6,000 and go as high as $8,000 if necessary. When Joe asks if they should check with Les, Seth tells him with only five minutes left, he will deal with Les later. When he comes in to tell Seth that they won the bid for $7,000, Seth is elated, and it will be there tomorrow.

Two guys come to see Les with a bottle of Vietnamese Snake Wine. It is supposed to be better than Viagra. They want $200 for the bottle, and Les goes to do some investigating. Inside the bottle is a cobra and a scorpion. When Les comes back, he tells them he did some investigating and size matters. Then he pulls a bottle out of his jacket with a larger snake inside. He asks the guys what they will take, and now they want $100, but Les offers them $10. As they haggle back and forth, Les tells them he will give them $30 if they both take a swig, as they renege, he offers them $20 each. Ashley comes over and challenges their manhood, but Les raises the ante to $25 each, and they both take a reluctant swig, and Les has a good laugh for $50.

A woman and her son come in to see Seth. The son is wearing sophisticated stilts and demonstrates how he can run and jump while wearing them. His mother does not want him to break his neck. He paid $300 for them when new, but Seth only gives him $70 for them, so no deal.

When Joe brings the baseball memorabilia to Seth, they are sure that it is a gold mine. So Seth tells him to start listing them and keep track of how they do. Les does not know about this yet, and Seth feels he should wait because Les knows nothing about sports.

When a woman comes to see Ashley with a bracelet that she claims is platinum, she calls Ashley an ass when she tells her it is fake. Ashley does not like being insulted, and Byron gave her the usual escort out the door.

A man comes in with two swords and wants $400, but gladly settles for $200, when Les points out that the bayonet is missing from one, and the other is not in the best shape.

Seth checks with Joe to find they made a little over $1,000. Joe has yet to list all the items, as Seth asks him to do his best before Les finds out they spent $7,000.

When a woman comes in with a large Chinese parade dragon, she wants $350, as they are trying to raise money for their next competition. She accepts Ashley’s final offer of $85.

When Les summons Seth to his office over the loud speaker, Seth knows that his father found out about the $7,000 internet charge. When he tried to explain why he made such a purchase, Les gave him a week to sell them and recoup the $7,000, or it would come out of his pocket on this episode of "Hardcore Pawn."

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