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‘Hardcore Pawn’ brings in ‘New Blood’ on Tru-TV

Ashley gets a surprise on Hardcore Pawn
"Photo courtesy of Tru-TV, used with permission”

Tonight's mid-season finale episode of "Hardcore Pawn," at Detroit's famous landmark, American Jewelry and Loan, the pawn shop never without some sort of conflict, irate people, sibling rivalry and family drama.

As the episode begins, the events of the previous episode are recalled, when Ashley canceled her father’s huge order for a truckload of television sets. Now he has stainless steel jewelry coming to the shop, which Ashley refuses to sell.

When a woman comes in and turns on a karaoke machine and starts singing loudly, Seth offers to sell it to her for $80. She has no money, but hopes to be discovered. Sorry, but she was moon-walked out of the shop and will have to get discovered elsewhere.

In the office, Les talks to Seth and Ashley about the merchandise on its way. Les and Seth agree that it should make a good turnover for them, but Ashley states again that neither she nor her employees will be selling the stainless steel jewelry. Les told her not to worry about it, because she nor her people have to sell it, as she storms out of his office.

A guy comes in with a mini-moonshine machine. Bobby J and Ashley are intrigued by it, but had to check it out. In less than a minute, they found it on the internet, and it sold for $59. The best they could give him was $30, but he chose to keep it.

In the parking lot, Seth comes out to see a green 1982 Cadillac Fleetwood low-rider. It is a beautifully designed and well-kept vehicle. The man wants $17,000 for it, but Seth asks what he is really expecting, which is $10,000. Seth offered him $2,000, but that was out of the question. When he went down to $6,000, Seth was unable to do the deal. So he bounced off to find another buyer.

As Les is making room for the stainless steel jewelry, Ashley objects to him putting it near her chains and charms. He told her not to worry about it, and she is just going to have to adapt to change.

A man comes in with a life-size replica of Han Solo, made of Bondo, a fiberglass resin, used to repair cars. Les has never seen it made into art before. Then they brought one in that looked just like Les. He knew they were regulars and gave them a store credit for $200 for both.

A man came into the shop, looked at the taxidermy items and saw his cat. He told Seth that it was stolen from his house during a party. He asked if he could take it with him now. Seth asked for proof that it was his cat, and he dropped his drawers and showed him a tattoo on his thigh. It did not look very much like the same cat, as the one on his leg was a tabby, and this one was beige. Out the door he went to call the cops.

Bobby J had a cart filled with the stainless jewelry he was giving to Ashley. She said she had nothing to do with it and to see her father.

A woman wheeled in two carts filled with 1,250 beer cans. It was her brother’s collection for the 1970s; he passed away, and she was left with them. Now she is moving and has no room for them. She wanted $3,500 for the collection, but looking them up on the web; they had very little value, and Les offered her $200 and even went to $260, but she feels there is gold in the collection, and will have to search for it herself.

When a familiar face comes into the shop, it is Karen, Ashley and Seth’s cousin. She walked up to Les and kissed him, and he then let Ashley know that she was the new co-manager of the jewelry department. Les told Ashley that she would be selling the stainless, and other items that Ashley wants nothing to do with. She told Ashley they would have a great time, but Ashley’s shock was evident and more proof that Les is still in charge on this episode of "Hardcore Pawn."

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