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‘Hardcore Pawn’ attends ‘Daddy Daughter Dance’ on Tru-TV

Tonight's episode of "Hardcore Pawn," at Detroit's famous American Jewelry and Loan, the pawn shop that is never without some sort of conflict, cuckoos and sibling rivalry was titled, “Daddy Daughter Dance.”

Les Gold of Hardcore Pawn

As the episode begins, Ashley is helping a man who is interested in a taxidermy bobcat. As Les continues to inject himself into the sale, Ashley assures him that she has it under control. After making the sale, Seth proposes a competition between father and daughter, loser has to work the hard-goods counter for the last hour of the day. They must bring their receipts to Seth all day for him to tally.

Seth came outside with Bobby J to see a souped up Harley that he wants to sell. Bobby J is afraid of motorcycles, and Seth goads him into taking a ride on the back around the parking lot. As he was riding, the helmet fell off and cut his forehead. What Seth was offering and what the motorcyclist wanted was not even close, so no deal.

As Ashley is making sales, she hands her tickets to her brother. When a woman who demands that a black purse behind the counter belonged to her, she tries to climb over the counter to retrieve it. Byron gives her a personal escort out the door.

As more and more sales go out the door, more crazies come in. When two guys with a broken circular saw want a refund or an exchange, Byron stands by as they hassle Seth. Finally, they get a free escort out the door, two-by-two.

As a man comes in looking at a caribou head, Les wants $1,000. When he goes inside to check the internet, Ashley takes over and tries to get $800 for it and sells it for $700.

A man comes in to sell his limited edition figurine, Kane Hodder as Jason from Friday the 13th. Seth loves this and the man wants $400, and signed by Kane. So Seth calls Kane, who verified that he did sign the certificate, and he even appeared on "Hardcore Pawn" in 2012.

As Ashley closed deal after deal, Les was lagging behind, but his Hail Mary pass may have walked in the door as a man interested in a fire truck came in. This man has been in checking this truck out several times, and Les sold it for $4,800. As the time was up, Les pulled a rabbit out of his hat with the fire truck, and Ashley had to work the hard-goods counter for the last hour, and it wasn’t easy on this episode of "Hardcore Pawn."

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