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‘Hardcore Pawn’ argument puts ‘Karen in the Middle’ on Tru-TV

Cousin Karen was caught in the middle on Hardcore Pawn
Cousin Karen was caught in the middle on Hardcore Pawn
"Photo courtesy of Tru-TV, used with permission”

Last night's episode of "Hardcore Pawn," was titled “Karen in the Middle.” Detroit's famous American Jewelry and Loan is the pawn shop that is never without some sort of conflict, angry people and ongoing sibling and family rivalry.

As the episode begins, a young woman just received $100 for earrings she pawned. Now she tells Les, she wants her earrings and is ready to return the $100. According to law, they must be held for two weeks in order to verify if they were stolen. She makes a loud scene and swears at Les. Byron actually picked her up and carried her out the door.

A man came to Karen’s counter with a large collection of Big Jim toys and figures. The man wanted $500, but Karen stood her ground and got them for $130. Les watched the entire transaction and knows that Karen is a true negotiator and an apple that did not fall far from the tree.

When Karen spotted Ashley, she reached out to her because of the dispute she overheard between her and her brother. She offered whatever she could do to help, and Ashley remained pensive.

A guy walked up to Seth’s counter looking for a Rolex with a diamond bezel. He had a superior attitude and wanted to know how he would be assured that this was genuine? The gemologist came over to take a look at it, and certified that it was real. The guy told Seth that he was insulting his intelligence and when he heard $6,000 for the watch; he was appalled that they would sell him a fake Rolex for that amount. He stated he was going to report them to the Better Business Bureau, of which they have the best rating.

A guy came in with a tractor on steroids that is about ten feet high. Bobby J took it for a ride, and Les was amazed that Bobby could see over the steering wheel. As Les dickered with the young fellow, he finally bought it for $350.

Karen went to Seth’s office to try to act as peacemaker and told Seth, that although he emphasized that this was a business; maybe Ashley needs a brother once in a while. He was not too receptive to her plea, but did not rip her a new one, the way he would do to his sister.

A man and a boy came to see Les and tried to negotiate for a watch and a book the boy wrote about Andy Warhol. First, he wanted $500 for both, claiming the watch belonged to Andy Warhol. With no proof that it was his watch, Les was not interested.

While Karen and Ashley were arranging a glass case, Seth came out and gave Ashley grief for announcing their dirty laundry to Karen. Karen told him he was blowing it way out of proportion, and explained that they were family, business or not. Then Seth told Ashley to keep her phone on, and five minutes after the store closed; he would issue her a formal apology and walked away. Karen was appalled, but Ashley said that for Seth, it was a milestone on this episode of "Hardcore Pawn."

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