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Hard Rock Cafe Comes to Hollywood

Although, Hard Rock Cafe has made its way to locations throughout the world and two spots in Los Angeles, it has never made a home in Hollywood.  It is obvious to see the Hollywood is slowly getting a makeover.  The new location is a spectacle to behold with unbelievable interactive tables and what the company calls "the rock wall".   The lines should not be long because the new location seats 400 people.  Even more impressive is that during a harsh economy for the state of California, the new Hollywood Hard Cafe provides 240 new jobs from the clean up person to the waitress to your tech guy. 

Hollywood Hard Rock Cafe on Hollywood Blvd.
courtesy Coyne PR

But what about the food?  Executive Chef Leonard Delgado introduces new pizzas for both Hollywood and the Universal Hard Rock venue.  The signature burger for the Hollywood Hard Rock Cafe is the "Hollywoodland Burger."  It is muy deliciouso(very delicious) and accompanied with herb flavored fries cooked in white truffle oil.  The fries are impeccable if not some of best fries that I have ever had.  The goodness does not stop there.  Try the bufalo wings.  As the old jingle use to say, "Have it your way."  You may them fried or broiled and smoked.  Not being able to resist something new, I opt for the broiled and smoked which oozes with flavor and pop with spice which does not overpower you.

See the inside of the new location, as I talk with the Executive about menu item.  Note the delectable looking orange drink in the video is called the Mango Tango.


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