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Hard Fall Hearts' beat goes on at Smitty’s Green Light Tavern

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PUEBLO, Colo.—Hard Fall Hearts performed two sets at Smitty’s Green Light Tavern, on July 26. They were the headlining act and Dead End Stompers was the opening act.

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Bryan Kelly is the guitarist and vocalist, Andrew Verdugo is the upright bassist and Eli Rinek is the drummer of Hard Fall Hearts. Verdugo and Rinek provides backup vocals.

Lucky 13’s Kevin Abeyta introduced Hard Fall Hearts, before they began their set with a cover of Sex Pistol’s “Pretty Vacant”. After parting the stage, Kelly faced towards his monitor and fed off the reverb. As he was doing so, Rinek spun his drum stick with his right hand. After several counts to reach the number four, Verdugo chimed in and they began their recital.

Prior to “Carry Me Along”, Kelly stated it had been a while since Hard Fall Hearts had performed in the city. He encouraged everyone to search for their music videos on YouTube and cited they had made an official one for the song.

Before the start of “Die Before We Die”, an intoxicated spectator jumped on stage and kicked Verdugo’s bass drum. Afterwards, words were exchanged and the audience member was escorted out of the venue. Then, Hard Fall Hearts ended their first set with “Someone In My Head”.

“Slave To Love”, “Mourning After”, “Brokedown”, “Back To You” “Find A Reason”, The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven” and “To Remember” were also part of Hard Fall Hearts’ first set.

Kelly spoke briefly to the audience and began the second set with “Dull Days, Wild Nights”. Keeping the night theme going, Hard Fall Hearts continued their performance with “Drive All Night” and mentioned how they did most of their driving at night to get to their next destination.

“Another Heartache” ended Hard Fall Hearts’ concert. After Kelly sang a cappella—Verdugo lifted his upright bass, rested it upon his forearm, plucked it, went onto rest it reverse on his shoulders and continued to play. As he did so—Kelly held his guitar in a vertical position over his head, away from his body and strummed. After the song ended, an onlooker from the balcony above the stage reached down with a fist. Verdugo and Kelly embraced him by bumping fists with him.

“Devil Doll”, “Last 24 Hours”, “Long Hard Road”, “Lay Beside Me”, “Sweet Savannah” and “At The Bar” were also a part of Hard Fall Hearts’ second set.