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Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin, China

Frigid Beauty
Frigid Beauty

Stumbling around on the web this morning I found these amazing pictures from Harbin, China of their fantastic Ice and Snow Festival. Held every year since 1963 this amazing festival draws visitors from near and far, though with temperatures as low as -40 degrees (F and C) you might want to bundle up before heading out. The opening ceremonies were held last week but the festival often lasts as long as a month so there is still plenty of time to book your flight!

The incredible ice sculptures were accentuated by beautiful LED lights which lit up the structures from within producing a fairytale like glow. Fireworks lit up the night sky forming a spectacular backdrop for these stunning creations.

A slide made from ice is available upon which visitors may take a ride! With the right friction coefficient you can gather a great deal of speed, however, corduroy pants will likely leave you stranded. Dress accordingly!!

Happily or not, temperatures in the US don't allow for such amazing creations and since we can't all afford a trip to China anytime soon, enjoy the pictures and perhaps a warm mug of cocoa.