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Harbaugh to Browns nonsense officially rebuked

In Northern California, we sports fans have gotten used to being slighted by the national media.

About a half decade ago, word was the New York Yankees were interested in Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain, and it was assumed by the tone in which it was reported that the Giants and fans in the Bay would be as happy as a young, single Englishwoman awaiting the arrival of Mr. Darcy in the Jane Austen-era just to be noticed by the champ of champs. 1800's female English lit, anyone?

This makes recent rumblings that the 49ers were not only interested but intent on sending masterful coach Jim Harbuagh - he of three straight NFC Championship appearances - to the Browns for a couple of draft picks the latest ridiculous plot twist in a soap opera-like environment created by the 24/7/365 news machine. As if a perennially underachieving Midwestern team identified by a drab tone (for the record, orange is the color on the helmets) is in any type of position to call shots as it pertains to a 5-time Super Bowl Champion.

Harbaugh himself recently put the chatter to rest, poking a hole in the theory of anxious bloggers and websites who ran with the notion of King Jimmy having somehow worn out his welcome in NorCal and for some reason okay with being traded on the open market like an upstart stock. “Zero opportunity or chance of that in my mind,” said the 50-year-old leader of one of the nation's most popular pro sports franchises.

The Forty Niners will now attack the offseason intent on achieving a goal that is clear. A new stadium sure to wow all who purchase tickets to 49ers home games will soon open its doors, and all of the stars seem to be aligned for a franchise due for its turn in the spotlight. Provided the Barnum & Bailey Circus doesn't covet Jim Harbaugh's services as a ringmaster.

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