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Happy with your body? Here's some surprising bits...

Exercising to change your body shape?

We here at Lifestyle Examiner are naturally curious about most things and we love when sends us these little graphics about their research. We share this one about body image and happiness with you, and be sure to visit their site to see the colorful infographic for more details.

In the latest study from on body happiness (, we made some interesting discoveries: Men don’t actually believe that models have the ideal body shape, while women don’t seem to like overly muscular men.

We found that the current size of men lines up with what they believe to be ideal, whereas a majority of women are a size 16, but wish they were a size 8. It’s not all bad news though: We polled genders about ideals for the opposite sex and the results were heart-warming. Men think that a curvy, medium height woman is ideal (tall and thin garnered 0% of the vote), while women found guys of a medium height and an average build to be most attractive.

The survey also found that 57% of online buyers are somewhat satisfied with what they see in the mirror, with small percentages being totally satisfied or totally unsatisfied with their physical appearance. Not surprisingly, 33% of these shoppers are also hoping to lose more than 20 pounds to be at their ideal weight, lining up with the weight loss necessary to bring the average size 16 woman down to a size 8. So while women have loftier goals in terms of the perfect body size, they also know how much it would take to get there.


• Men don’t actually want women to look like models; their ideal is women of medium height and curvy.
• Over 50% of American men wear size L or XL; their ideal size would be an M or L.
• Women from study claim they don’t like super muscular men: They like their guys of medium height and average build.
• 57% of people are satisfied with what they see in the mirror, 21% are not satisfied at all.
• 32% of people weigh 20 pounds or more than they did ten years ago; 33% of people would like to lose more than 20 pounds.
• Only 15% of women in study wear a size 6 or smaller.
• While 45% of the women in study wear a size 14 or larger, 30% believe an ideal woman is size 8-10.


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