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Happy wife, Happy life?

Let me ask you this question, how happy is your husband if you are in a bad mood? You don't have to answer that, I already know. Husbands need their wives being happy. And if she isn't, he knows he ought to find a way to make her happy really soon. Why? Because, when she is happy, he's happy. My husband said what first attracted him to me was the way I smiled. He said I seemed as if I were a happy girl, great fun and nice when he approached and talked to me. You'll have to keep in your mind that my husband was very shy and awkward about approaching girls back then. He always feared if he approached a girl she might reject him. So he said he was glad when I seemed friendly and nice and he thought I was a girl he could be interested in. I, being young and a bit insensitive back then, enjoyed the attention but figured maybe because I was 'the new girl' I better date a bit. Might as well enjoy being young when you are young, I figured. Soon I began dating a guy I was absolutely crazy about. He was the 'one' all the girls wanted but bless God, I GOT HIM! And when I got him, I soon found there was a price to pay to be with him. After about 6-7 months I was exhausted, my self-esteem was depleted and I was absolutely miserable. And then he had the nerve to dump me! I was miserable being with him but him dumping me was humiliating. However, the news that I was now available was the best news Chris heard in a long while!

Now we're nearly 17 years in this marriage. Our marriage is bumpy at times but I'm glad. Because what I've learned from all the times we've gone through is this - 1) I was an idiot when I was young - I thought I knew everything and I did not have a clue 2) I felt it was my husband's job to make me happy all the time for years because I was hiding hurts that I was afraid of facing. When something inside you is broken and you avoid it, the pain remains. Pain is what makes people say and do things that they later regret. Fear is what makes people hide. People who can't control their own pain at times try taking their frustrations out on you. And if you give in to anger, you'll find that you are quite capable of taking your frustrations out on the people you don't mean to hurt. Happiness comes when you decide that you can fix what is broken - you can be your own medicine. Because who knows you better than you know yourself? And you know what happens when you fix you? You feel better :)

You know, your husband is a gift and he sees you as a gift. The greatest gift you can give him is show that you believe he is capable to make you happy. If he was willing to marry you, then making you happy is what he wants. A good man that greatly loves her and is good to her is a husband worth a woman keeping. And a wise woman that has that type of husband will love him the way he needs because he is her man.

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