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Happy Valentines to All-Express Gratitude

Happy Valentine's Day to You!

What a wonderful day to be in love, happy, and giddy! Valentines day is a great day to express love and warmth to practically anyone. It is a celebration for all: singles, couples, friendship, married, children, and even pets.

So, no matter how you are spending it or who you are spending it with, may there be love all around.

An inspiration came to mind after leafing through the pages of one of the gratitude practices from Rhonda Byrne's book called The Magic. The practice is called Magically Heal Your Relationships. In honor of today, lets get into the Valentines spirit by being grateful for the relationships we have, whether it is a current or past relationship. Byrne does go deeper into the practice and gives plenty of good scenarios of why healing your relationship is important. However, in celebration of LOVE day, this practice will be more light, cheery and Valentines related.

For those of you who are not in the Valentines mood due to whatever reason, this will be a nice practice for you to heal old wounds or bring love into your heart. Your practice for Valentines is to find a relationship that you have with someone (current or in the past) in which you feel needs to be improved, healed, or forgiven.

  • Is there someone that broke your heart?
  • Are you in the process of a painful divorce?
  • Did you loss someone dear to you?
  • Are you resentful or disappointed towards someone?

Then, make a list or think in your head of why you are grateful for that relationship.

  • You can be thankful for the lessons you learned in that relationship.
  • You can be grateful that even though you are going through a divorce, you have beautiful children from that marriage.

It sounds silly to do because when you are angry at someone, you do not want to think nice things of them. Yet, by shedding resentment and pain in that relationship, you are opening the doors to allowing love and happiness to come in more freely. What is a better gift to yourself this Valentines than healing your heart so that you can live a happier, joyful and loving life.

For those who are coupled up or just happily singing the Valentines tunes and melodies, this practice is beneficial for you too. More love in the heart, why not! Today of all days there is a greater appreciation for love and affection. Call it silly because everyday should be full of love, right? However, that is not always the case. So, for the people who are loving Valentines, your practice is to take a moment and be grateful for the person you are with or grateful for a special someone in your life. List all the reasons why you love that person so much, why you are so appreciative of him or her, and want qualities do they have that are great.

  • Did they come into your life at the right moment and time?
  • Did they rescue you from a broken heart?
  • Are they caring beyond disbelief?
  • Do they give you endless butterflies even after years of being together?

By doing this practice and being grateful, this Valentines will for sure be much sweeter for you.

Besides Valentines being about romantic dinner and movie, sentimental gifts, and hugs and kisses, lets also incorporate the expression of gratitude for love. Keep the energy flow of love going everyone! If you feel someone can benefit from this on Valentine's Day, do pass it along.

Have a very sweet Valentine's Day. Love and happiness is being to all.

Disclaimer: This practice was inspired from Rhonda Byrne's book called The Magic.

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