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Happy Valentine's Day, Readers!

With only a week to go before Valentine's Day, I would like to acknowledge my appreciation for you, my readers. It is because of you that I have an audience with whom to communicate. Please take a minute to write a comment, letting me know how I am doing. I would like to turn this into a two-or-more-way conversation between as many of you that are interested and myself. After all, I enjoy sharing my ideas, but I learn from discussion even more!

On Valentine's Day, as on every day, I encourage you to share yourself with all for whom you feel love. I've always considered it a day of friendship, to celebrate relationships, and all those we hold dear. Before my husband and I were married, we considered Valentine's Day our anniversary, as it was the day he first asked me out. Since our wedding and the birth of our children, it has become a day to celebrate the family, kids and adults. We traditionally share a special meal and enjoy quality time together doing something we all love.

In schools, children exchange valentines, expressing friendship toward classmates.

At work, employers recognize their employees and vice versa.

Couples celebrate their love for one another.

Friends visit with one another or send cards to remind each other of their friendship.

People want to be remembered. Unfortunately, we tend to be so busy that we sometimes forget to stop to tell those we care about that we are thinking of them. This communication is taken for granted. At times, we know and can feel that others are thinking of us. However, other times, we all feel lonely. Please remember to reach out to those you love and express your feelings. I am passionate about people getting what they need in order to be happy, healthy, and productive. The people in your life deserve to know you care...and to constantly be reminded.

Happy Valentine's Day, from me to you, friends!

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