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Happy Valentine's Day: Giving the World a Heart

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Some of you on Facebook already saw me write about this last week, but I wanted to share with the others.

After receiving a third email last week about a workshop called "Magnetize Your Soul Mate NOW: You Deserve it!!" (yes, two exclamation points and no, deeply regretfully, I won't be attending) I thought I might share my deepest feelings about today.

And once I decided to post this, a friend told me that she starts dreading Valentine's Day every New Year's Eve so I knew this story might strike a chord in all kinds of places.

It's another excerpt from the book Outrageous Openness and it's called...yes..

Giving the World a Heart

When it’s over I want to say, I was the bride married to amazement
I was the bridegroom taking the whole world in my arms
--Mary Oliver

I’ve had an ambivalent relationship to Valentine’s Day since I was a teen -- odd because with Libra Rising and being born the Year of the Sheep, I’ve got a romantic streak as deep as the Caspian Sea. I mean, seriously deep.

But it has always just seemed wrong that a holiday of the heart would have such narrow parameters and limited goals, as if the strongest force on the planet could only have been created for just one other special person to receive.

The Universal Shakti just seems so much more diverse and innovative than that.

Maybe it’s my four planets in Aquarius, but I often think of love in a global, not just personal, way. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a day where everyone blanketed this tired, ailing planet with an unbridled, riotous array of blessings? With random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty like that old saying?

One particular Valentine’s Day years ago changed my life. A brilliant butch playwright-goddess-girl, who rode a black Kawasaki, ended our union—on February 12. Standing in a phone booth on Valencia Street and sobbing to a friend, from the corner of my eye I saw a homeless guy walk by pushing a shopping cart, glancing my way. A few minutes later he returned.

“For you, lady,” he said, looking straight into me and offering a perfect huge white gardenia that I had no blessed idea where he could have possibly found. “Don’t cry, baby," he said, "it’ll all work out. I promise.”

So, of course, I cried harder -- and gave him a big hug and every bill in my purse. Something about him just cracked my heart open to fill the sky.

The next day, rather than whining about the surprise break-up, I felt inspired by this guy. I moved around the city just anonymously helping. I saw how many people, in relationships or not, felt profoundly miserable on this Alleged Big Day of Love. It felt incredible just to give to whoever crossed my path.

So I held a prayer all day: Wherever I can be a force for Love, please guide me. Take me wherever you wish me to go. Let me do your bidding.

Sure-fire route to The Best. Valentine’s Day. Ever.

Or maybe Best. Life. Ever.

Whether you’ve got a terrific partner,
or not.


(Please find me on fB or subscribe to this column. I publish erratically, to say the least. You can also find 'Outrageous Openness" on Amazon as e-book or paper, on iTunes, or in local bookstores.

And if you're in the area, please come this Friday to Books, Inc Alameda, 7 pm, to the first East Bay event for this book!)



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