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Happy V-Day

Happy V-Day
Happy V-Day

The most beautiful thing about Valentine is the smallest factor- in the whole so-called holiday- of a beautiful smile. I walked into a grocery store last night to get a card for my fiancé and there they were-- the ladies wearing their smiles.
It is not just the connotations of love and romance that form happy expressions on unpredictable patrons, it is that unexplainable phenomenon. The aura of V-Day has intoxicated many for centuries.

It all started with Saint Valentinus. According to Wikipedia, this martyr committed a great deed and because of that, stories and myths came together and formed this lovely day.
The date, February 14, is celebrated all over the world without being an official holiday in most. As reported in the New York Daily News, a husband gave his wife a “life-saving kidney transplant.” Even an Arizona prisoner escaped to meet his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.

As lovely as flowers and chocolate sound, whatever happened to birthdays, anniversaries, and the rest? There is a whole day of love reserved for romance-- again. To make matters worse, it is a shopaholic holiday as well. Why the last sarcasm? Well, it’s not far from the truth if you think about it. It is what it is-- a day to celebrate while spending your whole life’s worth of savings. Okay, fine, that was totally sarcastic.

What is this holiday about anyway? No, really? Everyday should be a day of love-- this notion of remembrance and warmness should be something we ponder on more than one day in a year. And that is absolutely how it is in reality. So then why have the “holiday?”

There are so many other people in history who have committed great acts of kindness that go way beyond what St. Valentinus could even imagine in all his kindness, but none of them are celebrated this way. In fact, some of them are unknown to many.

Perhaps the better question would be why some are remembered and others forgotten? What makes a particular person so special that even centuries later, he/she remains the talk of towns, cities and countries? What if everyone stops celebrating these individuals and starts a new trend-- a trend of – for example – celebrating ordinary people who take on incredible responsibilities? And why doesn’t everyone form small communities that celebrate different things so that no one is celebrating the same stuff every day?

You might say that this has already been done and now we’re here. But why have a national holiday along with a huge national pressure to buy goodies for the ones we love? Don’t we already have Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries for those kinds of happenings? Aren’t we in national debt?

The government talks a big talk but they won’t do something about the national crises we’re all in. If we just learn to stop spending money on useless things, then maybe we can get creative enough to actually spend quality time together and save money. And then when others are in real need, we can actually help them.

Does that seem too far out of grasp and so very cliché? Well yes, if we keep thinking that way. Our worse enemies are the thoughts that float around in our heads. As a kid, you believe you can do anything. As an adult, that would be the part that should not be forgotten. These thoughts can be our friends if we train them to believe in the unattainable and forget about the nay Sayers.

With all of this said and done, I will now get back to smelling and staring at my beautiful red roses. Happy V-Day two days later for those of us who cannot celebrate it on the same day. We know it’s just an excuse to show love; or just expect too much and always compare what we got with others.

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