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Happy transition from summer vacation to school staycation

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One of the worst behavior times is school breaking periods. Whether it's adjusting to holidays that become scattered in amongst school activities, or proceeding to go back to school in the fall, public school children must ease their way back into a solid routine. Here are a few ways to make it go a lot smoother.

1. If you are not convinced of results from past school years, it is important not to lower expectations. The overriding commitment to attendance at the institution requires a personal family promise to undertake the full load of responsibility that comes with each school year. If your child has proven advancement over the summer indicates a regressive tendency, watch for frequency of reminders from the previous year that may have been forgotten or remain unresolved.

2. You are to encourage participation, and if your child is becoming withdrawn force them into activity that will eventually make them feel better. This means cheering up children that are sad or exhibiting happy behaviour yourself, to lead children into a meaningful experience at school.

3. An overly excited child will be apt to get disappointed when things don't go his or her way, so prepare the child with reality testing prior to pushing them into a class. Say something like, "You may or may not like this class, but I would still give it my all. I will still love you no matter what happens. Have a great day!"

4. Encourage friends to take the same classes. This is difficult if you enroll late so get in your say of teachers and recommendations. This gets harder the older they get, but actively pursue group enrollment and similarities in routine. A great friend is an example of excellence to your child.

Follow these tips and help transform your vacation into a school staycation. You won't have very long to wait for the next break, but at least you have set forward the foundation for a great year!!

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