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Happy trails

Does a walking tour interest you? Does a jaunt of the Greek peloponnese interest you? If you wish, you are encouraged to drive your car to another location and walk through the locality? Do you have one, two, or three hours to spare for pure exhilaration and enjoyment? If your answer is yes, then walking may be for you. "Happy Trails" to you.

But, are you nervous that the endless village trails will lead you astray? Are you fearful that a search party will need to be sent out for you? If so, stay at home!

"One of the greatest pleasures in my life is striding", states Roberta from LA. "Hiking as a couple or jaunting alone work equally well. Take a brisk walk to say hi, buy groceries (great for a triceps/biceps workout) or shop in a nearby store which will provide built in rest stops. "Walking through villages is also a stress reducer and a great way to meet people. I discovered walking in college. I ultimately realized that my final walking goal is racing against the clock (i.e, achieve the by traveling at a fast pace, by not having a heart attack)."

As you have read, there is a partner for everyone. Even if you are a "solo act," finding your "Happy Trails" is pleasurable." according to Roberta. She also states, that "I have not purchased anything along the way except health and fun. I have been seriously into fitness since I turned thirty. If this is the ticket to a long life, I hope I am a winner."

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