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Happy Thanks giving and joyful explorations

Remember all that is more important than...
Remember all that is more important than...
Photo by Mary MacIntyre

Happy Thanksgiving!

In the midst of all the hoopla about how early or late the droves of shoppers will arm themselves throughout the nation, perhaps all could place as much energy on prayers for the world, our families and, economic sustainability. Prayers help mend fences, alleviate stress and bring people together.

Begin by noting the good in your life. Let gratitude rise from within and spread out into the world. Try it, how does it make you feel? In Santa Fe, a city composed of great diversity groups blossom all over to express their gratitude and oneness. Coming together can be a healing experience. If you do not have time to visit a group, you can listen to inspirational messages

Music also plays an important role in easing aches and pains, stress, and worries. Try a free listen to experience this yourself. In Santa Fe and throughout New Mexico this becomes the season of choral and musical performances. You don't have to go to a doctor or take drugs, to receive the healthful benefits here. True alternative medicine empowers people to create their own journeys to renew health. Bring friends, and have more fun.

A visit to the Ark Bookstore in Santa Fe NM, also provides something for all spiritual paths, as well as books on healing. You can take the Roadrunner Train from Belen to Santa Fe to the railyard and walk to the Ark bookstore, as well as enjoy all the holiday events around the railyard.

Carve out time to enhance health, relaxation and joy during the holidays. Alternative medicine sometimes doesn't cost a lot. Please share these ideas with friends too!


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