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Happy Super Valentine Month – February 2014

Tonight, many of us in the US find ourselves glued to the TV screen as we watch yet another Super Bowl Football game with friends and family; family sometimes being just the knowledge that there are millions of people watching this “gladiatorial” contest of opposing teams. The hoopla that surrounds this event is astounding, not to mention the cost in money and time for those who view the event as an important money-making opportunity. The rest of us just want to watch the game, and, most of the time, never give a thought to the meaning behind it.

But, there is another special day that occurs this month, which may not quite receive the same media attention, but is, in many ways, more meaningful, and on a more personal level, than any of the other yearly events. The day, of course, is Valentine’s Day. Every February 14th, we have the opportunity to focus more clearly on loving each other, whether between husband and wife, brother and sister, boyfriend and girlfriend, parent and child, or families.
Love - we can’t really explain it, but we know when we feel it. We all show it in different ways, whether with a hug and kiss, or just holding someone’s hand. The feeling can start as a slow simmering feeling inside and grow into an almost overwhelming need to shout “I love you”. Or, it can be an always present and constant flow, like breathing in and out. Interestingly, we all experience the beginning of love as an internal feeling, and not always as a result of something or someone outside ourselves. It’s as if a light has suddenly turned on inside and slowly grows brighter the longer we feel it. We are born from love, and we will go back into the love that created us, as the wheel of life keeps turning.

This Valentine’s Day, instead of turning your attention to all the ads and suggestions on what to buy each other on this special day honoring love, try to remember that love, in whatever form it takes, is still love, no matter the time, or place, or day. Freely given, love will freely come back to you tenfold.
Honoring the Love - @-)-)---

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