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Happy spring equinox!

The official first day of spring is at hand.

On Saturday, you can travel to the tiny town of Hawthorne, Fla., for a good, old-fashioned fête for the vernal equinox.


The good news

This year there’s an actual celebration to attend.

On Saturday, you can travel to the tiny town of Hawthorne, Fla., for a good, old-fashioned fête for the vernal equinox.

Here are the details:

Saturday, March 22, 5 p.m.

  • Music by Steve Thirft, John McGuier and Bill Moran plus Harbour Knights with Dave Issler and their Jimmy Buffett vibe. Sunset celebration, then more music at 7:30 p.m. after the pot luck dinner.

Admission: FREE, bring a dish for 10 for pot luck and BYOB

  • Address: Laughing Eagle Ranch
  • 406 N. State Rd. 21
  • Hawthorne, Fla. – 4.5 miles south from the light at Melrose, Fla., on the left, look for the striped mailbox.
  • Contact: Diane Clark or Bill Moran
  • Phone: 716-792-7899
  • Email:

Some seasonal folklore to get you in the mood

Because spring begins a new growing season, it is associated with birth, rebirth and renewal – spiritual, mental, physical and otherwise.

Many, many springs festivals grew out of goddess worship and took eggs as their trope.

As in other seeding symbolism, eggs represent the germs of ideas as well as the medium for growing new life forms.

Ritual blessings are offerings to nature in hopes of a good growing year and abundant crops.

It’s all about balance

Much is made of balance – life and death, birth and renewal, light and dark – at the vernal equinox on the first day of spring – when day and night are exactly the same length.

One strange tradition that has sprung up around the vernal equinox is the folk legend that you can balance a broom upright on the first day of spring.

Modern enthusiasts prefer angle-cut brooms with synthetic straws.

Easy enough to balance one of those.

Much more challenging is the balancing of the good, old-fashioned corn broom, which is ornery at the best of times.

Why is it possible on the equinox and not at other times, you ask.


And then there’s the incredible balancing egg

Arguably the most bizarre spring-time egg tradition is the claim that you can stand a raw egg on end on the vernal equinox.

Or at all.

There are thousands of seemingly reasonable people who claim to have done so with just the right egg on just the right surface on just this day.

And they’ve taken photos to prove it.

There are scientists who claim that fluid balance is easy to achieve with the right materials, and when you think about it, it’s perfectly reasonable that you should be able to balance object with a liquid center any time you want to.

Get a dozen eggs, and try it for yourself.



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