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Happy Secession Day


  • Pete Eyre 5 years ago

    Awesome write-up Brett! Exactly the tone and message needed to break through the pro-State mantra folks are given in government schools and supported by their chief cheerleader - the mainstream media. Keep up the great work!

  • Razorboi 5 years ago

    Yes America, Land of the free and home of the brave or so they say, Americans today do not know what being free even means. They believe that freedom is doing whatever Master says and believes that Master will always be there to protect them. But people America is quickly becoming anything but free, and there are only a few people that are Brave nowadays, and most of the people that are Brave and are willing to stand up for not only their rights but yours as well are quickly becoming labeled as Home Grown Terrorist. Don't live in fear, live in freedom. and if you have any doubts about what has been said about losing freedoms just look at what you can use for fireworks nowadays, sparklers and fountains. Use today to mark your own Independence day.

  • Kent McManigal- 5 years ago

    I'm already doing a lot of those things, and not just today, but every day!

    Celebrating government (and its tools) today is like worshiping Satan on Christmas. Tell The State what it can do with itself!

  • nedmorlef 5 years ago

    yep, i'm gettin ready to fire one up and go play with some gunpowder. like the man said the only freedom you have is what you take. they ain't givin'. just try to be free and feel the cattle prod to keep you in line. a lil electric shock therapy is an ole nazi tradition for those wishing to express any imaginations of self rule.
    I like the new term for random road searches. dwi checkpoints. they're so bold now they don't even care if you know it. i'm guessing you sheeple do understand that with computerized dmv records that the lies they have hid behind for years concerning the puposes of roadchecks is now in full view. they have absolutely no reason to have a constitutional roadcheck. they're outright random searches.
    i can hear the drunk driver idiots now. that's a whole other conversation.think about outlawing bars and make ppl drink at home. that'll leave only the problem drinkers but, also kill a cash cow 4 gov't & insurance.
    enjoy the lil fereedom u got left sheeple.

  • Roger Nay 5 years ago

    april 19th should be considered "secession day"; not the 4th
    of july.

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