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Happy 'Onward to Golgotha' Day

This Sunday, April 20, Christians around the world will celebrate Easter, which commemorates the day that Jesus of Nazareth supposedly rose from the dead after his crucifixion. Today, on Good Friday, hessians around the world celebrate what is unofficially known as 'Onward to Golgotha' Day, in fitting commemoration of the crucifixion itself. This day, along with The National Day of Slayer, have planted flags in a bid for wider acceptance of metal as a cultural movement.

Onward to Golgotha Day - April 20, 2014
Pontius Pilate

Onward to Golgotha was the 1992 full-length debut of death metal act Incantation, and they joined the ranks of bands like Immolation, Suffocation in codifying the famed "New York Death Metal" sound. Today Onward... is considered a classic among extreme metal fans, and the title track couldn't be more fitting for a grass-roots response to the Christian status quo. Enjoy 'Onward to Golgotha' Day with this album, or any metal album of your choice. Feel free to play the included Youtube video and sing along with the lyrics below!


How feeble thy man hast come forth unto us.
To thine blessed land.
Provoking his crucifixion...

Thus to endure the reality of everlasting damnation...

So as said...
Thy feeble savious...
Is to return...

Thou only suffer evermore.


How feeble thy man hast come forth unto Golgotha.

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