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Happy New Year Consumer

2014 was a welcome event. There are so many resolutions to be made. Yet our world is ill. Global struggles continue to plague our earth. Will our Mother Earth survive? What can one person do to make necessary changes? What we consume is the single most important step an individual can take to orchestrate change. Where you buy your stuff is an important decision. eating lower on the food chain, and purchasing used goods when possible. Is a small start yet has an enormous impact. Our world now changes daily. Electronic communication have made it possible to connect with the entire world from our own devices. With these technical advantages also come responsibilities. If corporations want to hold our information, and government holds large amounts of data on each individual then they must take precautions to keep their privilage to our informations safe. the latest Target hack and various other recent hacks have exposed the very butter on these corporation's bread. But, will they feel the impact? Only when the consumer puts their purchasing foot down will they truly know the impact of careless information storage and usage. The consumer owes it to them- selves to stop buying at companies that have failed to keep them safe. Alternatives exist. I advocate that the consumer look to the green industries for new choices to the old standard goods we all purchase. Items like personal care products, and services for the home can be found online with a personal search. Buying goods with a fair market value may seem to cost more at fist but quality is in valuable. Buying natural fabrics. Eating whole foods and using natural oils and cleaners will keep your household healthy. Living in a healthy household keeps the mind body and spirit healthy. We only have one body, one Earth, let's make a resolution for this lifetime to be a better consumer in 2014. Small steps large lives. Welcome your new ideas on consumption and see how much one person really can do.