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Happy New Year - A Weekend Challenge

A box of Time
A box of Time
Michael Sharp

The life clock moves forward no matter what we do. We look forward to a new year but no one can say for certain that they have another year. I am not trying to be grim or dower. I celebrate the possibilities of this coming year but I also realize that in it I will turn fifty.

I likely have more years behind me than ahead of me and so every day becomes more precious. Do we use our time? Do we get up each morning asking what it is we can put into today that will last far beyond us? We have resolutions about what we will and will not do. We have goals and dreams that stretch to the end of our path.

What will you do today to reach those places where you see Christ standing waiting for you? Even though we will have him available for us in every moment, I know that there will be too many moments where I am focused on other things and so miss his presence. Your weekend challenge for this New Year is a simple one. I challenge you to spend as much of the time as possible looking for the presence of Christ in each moment. Examine yourself Madison, and tell me what you think.