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'Happy New Year - 2014'

Happy New Year! Welcome to my first on-line posting of this brand new, baby year of 2014... may all your days this year be filled with fun, good health and meaningful happenings. Isn’t it exciting to know that all of us get to start it with a clean slate and we all get 362 more days to make this year the best we’ve ever had? For some of you that wouldn’t take a lot of effort but for the rest of us we’re really going to have to be creative to overcome some of the obstacles placed in our paths.

Oli Scarff/Getty Images
Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

I know many of you guys will be outstanding in the exchange lines of the local department stores trading in that gosh awful tie you got,(do people still give ties for Christmas) for something more exciting... maybe a new belt? And you ladies will be standing in lines to ... well, ... just to be standing in lines I guess... it’s something you do so well!

Speaking of ties, when was the last time you guys wore a tie? There was a time, in the days of yore, I felt absolutely naked without a tie around my neck, but now I can’t remember the last time I wore one. This Florida lifestyle is something else... shorts every day, except for church or when the weather gets a little too nippy to expose our blood-thinned flesh to the elements. A fantastic way to live I say.

Most of the guys I talk with are glad to be rid of wearing suits and ties, however, I’m the kind of guy that enjoys dressing to the nines every now and then. To me, putting on a suit and tie really turns the evening into a special event, rather than “Ho hum, just another day of retirement.” Of course most of us here in The Villages eat out probably two or three times a week, or more if you don’t like to cook, so it requires a really special event to demand a coat and tie... possibly a 60th wedding anniversary or a 85th birthday.

Well guys, did you get enough of football over the last few days? Game, after game, after game of nothing but college football... wasn’t it great? Well, maybe you Baylor, Alabama, and Stanford fans might be crying in your beer, but many others are happy the underdogs came through victoriously. Go Spartans, Sooners, and Knights... great job. I know the majority of the ladies don’t understand why we like to watch it so much but that’s just who we are. Aren’t we blessed to have wives that will put up with our lack of courtesy when a ball game is on? Hopefully, you reward those wonderful wives with something nice for being so benevolent to our addiction to sports of all kinds.

I never played football in school because I was a “band boy” (Judy’s words for me,) but I was the team’s biggest fan and could yell louder than anyone. I did play a good bit of sandlot football and enjoyed it, even though I was only a flyweight of just over 100 pounds all through high school. I got my nose broken twice... being tackled one time and tackling another much bigger guy and him falling on my head the second time. Hoorah!

Flu shots not withstanding, Judy and I both got stopped up with the ‘creeping crud’ and coughed our heads off for several days over these holiday times, but we did enjoy some good time with our families and received some great gifts. No better gift than gift cards to all the local restaurants and book gift cards to Amazon and Barnes & Nobel, and nothing’s more gratifying than family, unless it’s more family. We got to see 3 of our sons, one of our daughters and 9 of our 15 grandchildren so that perked us up quite a bit.

Lord willing, and the creeks don’t rise, we’ll take a couple of weekend trips to points further south a couple of times in the next few weeks, so we can get away from all this retired life we put up with each day. Ya’ll have a great one… okay?

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