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Happy New Year 2014 and Happy New You

Happy New Year!
Ok so I am a little behind in saying Happy New Year (smile)
However remember in the realm of Spirit, time does not exist. OK, so back to the point.

Successfully achieving your new year's resolutions is possible when done in an effective manner.
Successfully achieving your new year's resolutions is possible when done in an effective manner.
Celebrating the new year; a time of hope and possibility!
Photo by Joosep Martinson/Getty Images

It’s 2014 and I have a question for you.
How many of your New Year’s resolutions our right on target?
How many of them did you set and are keeping up with and doing just as you said you would?

You know it’s interesting that a lot of times we set these New Year’s resolutions with the highest of hopes of and the most sincere of intentions. We plan to lose that weight, to stop smoking, to eat better, to get more rest, to take more vacations, to work less hours, and to spend more time with family and friends, etc.

And yet each year as the list of resolutions are set and the new year rolls around and moves on through the days, weeks, and months, we realize that like last year and the year before that and the year before that our New Year’s resolutions have faded into quiet dissolution, despite our promise to ourselves that this year would be different.

But why is it that when each New Year comes, nothing is dramatically different; if different at all? Why with each passing year is it the same old thing?
The short answer…Clarity of purpose.

All too often when we set these New Year’s resolutions we are not clear on why we are setting the resolution. I mean, yes we know that we have the intent to be healthier and yet behind that intent we lack the clarity of what that truly means. For example, if I say to you that I intend to live a healthier life but I give you no specifics as to what I mean by that, you are left to make your own assumptions.

In your mind a healthier lifestyle could simply mean more exercise, eat less take out or fast food, and maybe increase the amount of vacation time each year. However, when I sit down and truly think about what it means to live a healthier life, what I realize that I mean is establishing a stronger spiritual practice, consume greater quantities of fruits and vegetables while decreasing the amount of sugar and sodium. I could also mean increasing the amount of the daily exercise or daily physical activity by walking a mile each morning, while also making sure to meditate twice a day.

Your view and my view are not so different as to be comparing apples and oranges, however, in setting a clear intention that is to be the impetus behind life changing transformation, I must be crystal clear; vague intentions produce vague results. As metaphysicians we know that the Universe will give precisely what we give to It. Set a vague resolution or one weak in power and I will see that same energy demonstrated in my life. This is partly what “Without vision the people perish” is speaking about. The farmer must be crystal clear as to what crops he will plant. Each type of crop has different needs. If he is not clear and says he will plant fruit and having set that intention plants apples, when under deeper investigation he wanted to plant grapes, what will he reap? He will reap perfectly what he intended, apples despite the fact that what he truly wanted was grapes!

To have a truly life changing New Year’s resolution, you must choose to be “resolute” with your intentions; meaning you must be clear in mind and clear of focus and from that place you will demonstrate the needed energy to shift and manifest the conditions to make those resolutions manifest as intended.

Still your mind and formulate what you desire in your mind’s eye. Get clear and know exactly what your intention looks like, sounds like, feels like, smells like, and what it tastes like. This is a full sensory experience – That’s clarity!

With that type of clarity your intention will manifest as so ordered.

Like Robin Hood or Legolas from The Lord of the Rings (if you prefer him over Robin Hood), draw your arrow from the quiver. Carefully and with skill, take aim. With target firmly set in your sights, release the arrow, allowing it to fly precisely where you aimed it! You know full well that once released you cannot control how it flies and so you also emotionally and mentally release it and are able to trust. You trust what you know. Your target set, the arrow will reach its mark; in like fashion, your intentions, when set in mind and released into the Universal Mind, and put into action, will manifest and demonstrate precisely as the law of attraction dictates.

Blessings and much success to you this year!

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