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Happy New Hair


"happy new year" is january's most popular phrase. and while we can't argue that it is, in fact, a new year, we cannot help but wonder: what is there to be so happy about? the spirit of christmas is long gone as we trudge our way back into the real world and not without hitting snooze a dozen times. the once simple task of zipping our pants has turned into the jump, squat and suck-it-in routine, the one they don't teach you in pilates class. we try, through cups of coffee and the occasional cosmopolitan, to silence the unachievable resolutions that dance like sugar plums throughout our heads. and when there seems to be nothing else left, there's always the unvaccumable tinsle settled into our carpets and the distant memory of the holiday cookies that settled oh-so-sweetly on our asses. but if those were not enough reasons, if our unhappiness was not merely a result of the 4pm sunsets or sky high credit card bills, january in boston would still make us miserable for this one pivotal reason: our hair. that's right, our poor, scorched and unhappy hair, stripped of all moisture, robbed of all vibrancy and left as dry and lifeless as alcohol-free chardonnay. a recipe for complete and utter misery. and while these few steps to gettting "happy new hair" won't stop you from grimacing at january's most popular phrase, you might be surprised that when you give your hair a little love this season how much easier it is to fall in love with winter.  click here for the 5 Steps to Happy New Hair


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