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Happy new decade! 2020 foresight


As noted in  Happy New Decade!, many  of us avoided the challenge --mostly biological-- of trying to stick to a 1000-Year Resolution.  Perched on the edge of a new decade, we can take a breath, loosen up the view a little and  focus ambition on the ten-year hence.  Your  intrepid Tantra Examiner went forth and asked a few Austin's Tantrikas what is the Wake-Uppermost on their list between now and 2020.  Good mystics all, some replied in shades of camouflage; some with poignant breakthroughs;  others in outright sandhyabasa - a TwBig Pile o Bang! ilight Language that has kept Tantric techniques off of the Playboy channel for a few hundred years.    

Paco Nathan, former publisher of  the Fringeware Review in Austin (which later grew up to be Fringeware Books) prefaces his list:  "For several years, I've observed a ritual/celebration where I write down my inner-most thoughts, hopes, fears, etc., onto paper each year-end. Then the following year I burn that paper and uses its ashes to draw my next list. A phoenix emerging from the New Year's resolutions.  I'm at a point where I don't mind making these resolutions more open, so the people close to me understand some of my priorities. At least, I'm willing to *try* a little experiment in radical honesty. We'll see how it turns out."   

Angel Z Avery, co-owner of Galaxy Dance Studios vows "to make this decade real - to live completely inside-out and in complete alignment with who I am while embodied this decade...  this is it..."

Dramaturge, political commentator and alchemical Chef Fe Bongolan lives among four creative projects at a time, while working full-time.  She says: "The magic of household cleaning[...] I am experiencing a compelling need to throw out all the unnecessary things in my home.  In the clearing I am finding out what I do value, including what stuff or stuck energy I keep in my bedroom, and throwing out what I don't need. I am looking to make this portion of my house what it was intended for - sleeping, reading, contemplating and making love - not a corner repository storing mementos of previous life disappointments.  In a word, I am trying to make my home as alchemical as I can. This phase is a polishing kind of dharma, going from a misshapen lump of coal to a diamond. Not surprisingly, this process is helping to make my writing even clearer. Imagine that.

Viviane Vives, principal of  MJ Neal Architects, works with the female Buddha Vajrayogini.  She reports: "I would have to say that I've gone into a self-sufficient mode. Like I'm plowing ahead no matter how bleak it all seems. Since nothing is going my way I've decided to accept that and just keep moving. It's subtle in a way, but HUGE."

No really, wake UP!

Shanna Philipson, Astrologer (the Weather Inside), writes:   integration  "Yes, this covers a lot of canvas, but i'm sensing some of my components better working together, even if they're the small cogs. but as you know, for want of a i won't begrudge even the smallest cog."

Stormi LaRue, Bobo de Tantra and Cultural Theorist, sets forth: "For me so far this year it's been consistent/daily lessons/praxis in TRUSTING on all levels  - trusting release, trusting abundance, trusting spirit/self, LOVE ... and that this path i chose long ago is (still) the right One."

Scot Casey, writer (& chief curator of the Jones Boneseum) starts his New Decade with this promise: "I'm opening up all the doors to the house, unlocking all the cells, pulling the roof off the attics and turning all the lights on in the cellars, letting the entire go'damned Worde Hoarde go free. Then I'm going to sit in the barn with an axe and wait to see which ones come wandering back to get slaughtered."

Now that's a Resolution! 


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Mysti Easterwood is the founder and Prima Boborina of Tantra for Bobos! 


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