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Happy New Decade!


Perpetual Calendar, Germany 17th C

Ten years ago the Gregorian calendar tipped over to a fresh Thousand.  It was only the second time humanity collectively experienced this milestone.   The English king of the first Thousand was Aethelred the Unready, and we still don't know whether he was unready for the Second Coming, or merely an invasion of the Danes.   In any case, the epithet could be applied to almost everyone in the year 2000 as well.  A thousand years --though brief in geology-- is 14 times longer than a healthy lifetime;  so, daunted by the challenge, very few of us attempted a New Thousand resolution.   

Centuries are easier to grasp but always seem to belong to some overarching chronolith - a nation ("the American Century") or civilizational shift ("the Age of Enlightenment").  Decades are different.   More substantive than the 52 weeks that clip by like anxious paychecks, decades nest comfortably within a lifetime.  They offer a taste of developmental time, an experience of will that is barely distinct from destiny. 

Having gained some distance from the Millennium, in 2010 we can get back to making --or at least feigning-- our resolutions.   Yet, as our friends over in the Heretical Spirituality Examiner opined: "New Year’s resolutions for Gnostics seem to be as alien as fidelity is for Tiger Woods. . . "    Tantrikas and our ilk --Pagans, Libertarians, Yogins, Diplomats and other alchemists-- don't typically make resolutions, but there is one we can agree on:  I resolve to WTF(U).  "W" in this case standing for 'Wake.' 

With the new decade  we have a chance to go a little deeper, tap a rhythm that has a reciprocal  wave.  Are we making a resolution, or is the resolution making us -- resolving, refining us into a sweeter, more powerful expression of our lives?      

NEXT: A few local Tantrikas weigh in on their Decade Aspirations. 


Mysti Easterwood (writing as Eleusis D) is the author of Tantra for Bobos!   a suite of seven Essays on the basics of Tantra. 


  • alice 5 years ago

    Athelred! I loved him so long time ago. Thanks for being back the memories.

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