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Happy National Day of Reason everyone!

Happy National Day of Reason, or at least it will be, May 1st. This day of reason is a day to celebrate free-thought and the Enlightenment based republic which the Founders gave us over 200 years ago. There is a popular myth, that our nation is somehow built on the Christian bible.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The Bible has no rights within it and prohibits worshiping other gods or religions, something the Constitution strongly protects.

By the way, May 1st is also the National Day of Prayer, where you are told to pray, and not to celebrate critical thought. With the prayer you are told to celebrate religious belief for the sake of belief. Two things could not be further in intellectual weight as between reason and prayer.

Reason is a means to finding knowledge and facts and truth. Prayer does none of those things, except maybe make the person doing so, happier.

Reason is how we know our universe, microscopic life and ourselves. We and only we can make decisions for our species, there is no supernatural deity to tell us what to do.

So, please celebrate reason, because if there is anything this world can use, is more of it.